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I am now producing Virtual Reality!

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COUSINS: After suffering a stroke, Danny Gordon is invited by his cousin Charlie to move into his home. The two have had very little contact over the years. As an author seeking a subject for his next book, Charlie finds it in the fascinating life recollections of his cousin Danny. cousins.earlyfilms.net
My roles: Cinematographer (including establishing credit with AbelCine for rental of RED camera and one-on-one training), Film Editor (4K in Adobe Premiere Pro)and website designer.

BASTARD OF ORLEANS OR LOOKING FOR JOAN: Hoboken pizza-maker Federico Fellini, cousin to the famous director, attempts to fulfill his namesake's dying wish that a Fellini direct a film about Joan of Arc. The offbeat farcical comedy follows Fellinis attempts to find the perfect "Joan" while keeping the film and his retirement years from falling apart.
My roles: Cinematographer, Film Editor and CG artist. An evolving mixture of improvisation with scripted scenes made this feature a true editorís film. Mutual inspiration with the director resulted in an interesting tapestry.

JOHNNY MONTANA: The award winning motion picture about Johnny Montana, a guy from Brooklyn struggling to surpass the confines of his blue-collar upbringing. Failing at a string of unfulfilling jobs, Johnny descends into a world where money and the ultimate attainment of being "somebody" are easily exchanged for his soul. Shot "guerilla" style in 360 days, NYC becomes an essential character to Johnny's story. www.johnnymontanathemovie.com
My roles: Preliminary editing of select scenes during production - credited as Assembly Editor. Recently performed minor re-edit of trailer to include reviews and awards; upconverted and transcoded the film and trailer for release on Amazon Video.


STARGAZER: To give myself a feeling of accomplishment, I have jumped ahead and finished editing "Stargazer", the epilogue to "Adversity Conquered!" which serves as the calm after the storm.

The Making of ADVERSITY CONQUERED!; The Horror-Fantasy short film and music video, in post-production. The latest subjects include tracking live action for integration with CG, and how figuring out the story as you go can take you in unexpected directions. I have chosen to create all of the CG work myself as time allows, hence the long road to completion. The most time-consuming aspect is of course the creation, rigging, and animation of various demons. More updates to come.

LETTERS OF JOAN OF ARC'S BEST FRIEND: These are extracts from the feature film "Bastard of Orleans or Looking for Joan"; transitional scenes telling the story of Joan through the words of her best friend.


THE BELLS OF HELL: Documentary short of one especially harrowing experience of Marvin Silbersher's WWII bomber crew on which he served as radio operator.

GARAGE SWEAT: Our submission for "Life in a Day" (not chosen for inclusion - alas). On Saturday July 24th, 2010, Steve Yank and I travel to Forked River, NJ for an impromptu jam session and discussion about forming a band (Three Parts).


LOCKS OF LOVE PSA'S (10, 15 and 30 second): These were a group project of the CineTech Media Professionals.
My Role: I had collaborated with the Producer on a concept then created the animations timed to the scripts. The audio was provided by other group members. I then produced deliverables for both web and broadcast. www.locksoflove.org

SPRING VALLEY FARMS: After allowing us to use their location for scenes from "Bastard of Orleans or Looking for Joan", I had created this promotional video for Spring Valley Farms in Newton, NJ.



MARS ATLAS: I had collaborated with IT managers to transform a PowerPoint presentation into a dynamic video. I performed all of the editing and created the original graphics. Certain background graphics were purchased as a timesaver. I had also procured the VO artist and produced deliverables for both web and DVD.

MARS CONNEX: A brief overview of an internal program designed to standardize communications throughout the organization.

MARS P and O: A mock-up of the portal using Cinema 4D within After Effects, plus animation of screen-shots.

Additional works: Mars Global Services Vimeo Folder

Vimeo Album: Jewish Historical Society of Metrowest

MERCK COZAAR: An audio editing job for the mobile editing service Post on the Road. The production trailer was brought to Merck's Whitehouse Station location. The video was presented originally in sequential field 3D. The narration track was received the night before the project was due. In that short time, I had to select music and invent sound effects by digitally altering selections from the available library.


A montage of my 3D animation.

360 VR & Stereoscopic




STARGAZER: Starfield sequence

MONSTERWORLD: Studio rehearsal