Where dreams and reality collide, their paths are uncertain.

Screenplay by Bruce Bertrand
Registered WGAw #: 810852
U.S. Copyright Office: PAu 2-556-773

The gray line between dreams and reality is explored as a teenager holds fast to the place of his childhood from which he has become uprooted. Unable to cope with his new environment, he dreams of traveling to his previous life in an attempt to convince his other self to switch places. Is the ensuing day a dream, an alternate universe exchange, or reality guided by dreams as he rejoins with the part of himself he left behind?

As real-life events can affect our dreams, dreams can effect our emotional state in real-life. I also believe in the possibility that there exists an infinite number of dimensions where each of our lives, along with every event in the universe, takes a different path. Is it possible that when we dream, our conciousness or spirit (or whatever term you prefer) actually visits one or more of these dimensions?

- Bruce Bertrand

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The Vortex